Film Catalog

Aboriginal Australia

Always Was
Always Will Be

As screened on NITV ((SBS) Television
Historic protest • Urban Sacred site
Perth trade unions and churches back the Aboriginal protest camp on the Sacred Grounds of the Waugul against development. Explains the sacred beliefs and historic struggle of urban Aboriginals.

My Survival as an Aboriginal

As Screened on ABC, NITV (SBS) and BBC Television
Classic documentary – 1979.  Digital Restoration by the National Film & Sound Archive.
Singer and activist Essie Coffey, “”Bush Queen”, takes us into the life of Dodge City, Brewarrina – far northwest New South Wales.

My Life as I Live It

As Screened on ABC and NITV (SBS) Television

Essie Coffey returns to her home in Dodge City to show what has happened in the 15 years since her last film. The Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) holds out hope.

Australian Women

The Ballad of Betty & Joe

Delightful short film – Festival Favourite
With Tony Barry and Alice Ansara
Alone in the city, Betty dreams of fame and fortune…
“Totally charming, inventive and delightful”  – David Stratton

Film for Discussion

1973 – historic early Women’s Liberation film

Docu-drama revolving around issues of the early Australian Women’s Liberation Movement – a historic filmmaking first.

Women of Steel

Finalist Documentary Award Sydney Film Festival 2020

A rousing documentary following a group of determined  local women in  their  14-year  fight for the right to work in  Wollongong’s steel industry.

Ordinary People

As screened on ABC Television

One Nation, one woman – the two forces collide. Colene Hughes takes us into the heartland of Australia’s One Nation Party as populist leader Pauline Hanson sweeps into parliament … and out again.

Consequences of War

Changing the Needle

As screened on ABC Television

Classic Documentary • 1982
One of the few Western films made in Vietnam in the immediate post-war period documents the struggles of a Ho Chi Minh City drug rehabilitation program using acupuncture and other traditional medicines

I Remember 1948

As screened on SBS Television
Refugees’ memories of the tumultuous days of Al Nakba, ‘the catastrophe’, May 15th 1948, when 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes. Music by Joseph Tawadros ‘If I live one thousand years, you think I will forget that?”


Number One Fan – Rugby League classic

Short documentary memorialising the late Laurie Nichols, ‘Number One Fan’ of the Balmain Tigers.  Features locals, Tigers identities and one very lucky cat.

“It was terrific. Great memories. Made me cry.”
– Arthur Beetson