Film for Discussion

As Screened on SBS Television
Australia’s pioneer Women’s Liberation film
Nominated for Best Documentary Greater Union Awards Sydney Film Festival
Sydney Women’s Film Group
24 mins 1973 Rated G

Film for Discussion

Film for Discussion was made by members of one of the first Australian groups to establish itself in the name of “Women’s Liberation”.

A docu-drama shot in 1970, but not completed until 1973, the film sought to encapsulate in an experimental form issues that were under discussion within the Women’s Liberation Movement at this time and to thus contribute to action for change. In its numerous community screenings, active debate was encouraged as part of the viewing experience.

Film for Discussion was largely group devised and produced. See clips from the film on Australian Screen Online

Cast: Jeni Thorney, John Brotherton, Deirdre Ferguson, Christina Ferguson, Jovana Janson & others

Production: Martha Ansara, Chris Tillam, Julie Gibson & others