Ordinary People

Inside One Nation

As screened on ABC Television

Ordinary People

Film Austraiia
55 Minutes 2002 Rated G

Far right and anti-immigration politics have been on the rise worldwide. In Australia, as in many other western countries, as Ordinary People was filming, a new political force began drawing on the discontent of those who felt excluded from the promised benefits of globalisation. This revealing documentary follows One Nation candidate Colene Hughes over two years and two elections as her idealistic fervour slowly turns to disillusionment. Initially for Colene and her supporters, One Nation seems to offer true democracy and a way of knocking the country back into shape. But when Colene starts to question the control of party leaders, the gloves come off and, at the party’s annual general meeting, the two forces collide.

Producer Martha Ansara

Director Jennifer Rutherford

Executive Producer Stefan Moore

Narrator Tara Morice

Editor Kit Guyatt

Highly Commended , Sydney Film Festival  Dendy Awards
Real: Life on Film Documentary Film Festival
Mumbai International Film Festival